Want to know what is cholesterol- its causes, treatment, exercise and How to prevent

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What do you mean by cholesterol? Cholesterol is one of the main constituents elaborate in each cell in the human body. Cholesterol is obliging for digesting fats, fortify the cells walls as well as increase the hormone in the human body.

As per scientific research, every human body contains approximately 150g to 250g cholesterol levels. When the amount of cholesterol is increased and circulating in the blood, it will be placed in the inner wall of blood vessels. So the wall becomes thicker. In the medical terms, it is known as Atherosclerosis. Although the wall of blood vessels is full of cholesterol, it becomes thicker and the space for blood circulation is getting narrower. Thus the portion of the blood is less found in the wall of blood vessels. As a result of this, diseases like heart attack, cerebral palsy, high blood pressure occurs in the body.

Why the cholesterols is Increasing in human body?

Today in this era, every human is addicted for some of the things that increase cholesterols in their body.

Here is the some reason why cholesterols is Increasing in human body:

  1. Inheritance: There is huge number of cases of heart diseases and cholesterols found in some families and that family’s offspring also have cholesterols in their body.
  2. Weight: The levels of cholesterol are much higher in those people because they are heavy in weight.
  3. Functionality: cholesterol is higher in those people with sedentary life.
  4. Food: Fatty food means the food which contains more amount of cholesterol.
  5. Smoking: if you are addicted with more smoking, then Cholesterol is increased in your body.
  6. High Blood pressure: High cholesterols is found in those individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure.

How to control over cholesterols?

If your body is fleshy, sedentary life and taking much excessive fatty foods, smoke once in day, suffering from high blood pressure and there is case in your family, where any of your family member or ancestor is suffering with that. Then, you need to take care about that. You are in high risk group and it is said that you are in the high risk.

What to do if you are in high risk group?

First of all, check the cholesterol in the body, then use the various weight loss efforts, which mainly focus on diet and exercise.

What diet should take?

Symmetric balanced diet makes your body healthy and strong, but also reduces cholesterol in the body. While taking balanced diet, it reduces weight and cholesterol both. Low-fat containing foods are most important for human body.

  • Saturated fat foods that are high in saturated fats which increases the levels of blood cholesterols.
  • Non- Vegetarian foods like eggs and dairy products such as cheese, butter are saturated fat. Also coconut oil, cottonseed oil such as Palmolive and vegetable foods are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • 30 mg in glass of milk and about 100 mg in a cup contains cholesterol. 1 spoon of butter contains 25 mg of cholesterol. 1 egg contains approximately 270 mg of cholesterol.

Other Non-Vegetarian diet contains tremendous amount of cholesterol. So, now you have to choose the right food for your body.

Bring the food diversity:

  • Insist without cholesterol-free diet.
  • Increase the use of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Select and Read the various food recipes of all the food substances sold in the market.


Exercises play a vital role in reducing cholesterol in the human body. There are two types of exercises: Aerobic and anaerobic.

What is Aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is a continuous rhythmic exercise which is very beneficial for human body. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, jump rope, skating, dancing etc. are the one type of Aerobic exercises. Doing this exercises daily will help to reduce cholesterol.

Some of the useful Healthy tips to make your life happy and disease-free:

  • Don’t get afraid of cholesterol
  • Have dinner lovingly and Have a balanced diet.
  • Live peacefully, but don’t be too lazy in your life.
  • Do exercises regularly.
  • Live healthy, Live happily
  • Abandon smoking and tobacco.
  • Become faithful with your heart’s feeling, but keep in mind about your level of cholesterol does not increase in your body.

Read this Healthy tips for reducing cholesterol in your body. Live healthy. Avoid all your bad addictions and fatty foods and take healthy foods and stay happy with your family.

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